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More than a Page Builder

The LiteSite is packed with all the tools you need to create a powerful website that stands out.

Save thousands of dollars when compared to separate purchases for functionalities that come included.

advanced builder

popups, forms, web stories, and more

built-in blog

no need for wordpress, totally seo-ready

membership roles

lock content for logged in users

custom post types

create directories with custom fields


coming soon

No Code needed

Start with a Template

Each design comes with a selection of premade layouts and content blocks to help you build a professional website, fast. Customize fonts, colors and the structure of your pages. Enjoy maximum control over your desktop and mobile site.


Page Templates


ready-made blocks


Brand Style Kits

Make it your own

Design made Easy

Enjoy an intuitive and simple to use dashboard, with pre-made page templates and blocks that can be further customized. Change colors and fonts, build new pages out of blocks, or create your own layouts. You’re in full control of your website.

Super-fast & reliable hosting

No Setup Needed

The struggles of using legacy hosting solutions are long gone with our hassle-free platform. No more clumsy interfaces that are way too complex and hard to use.

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Customers say it Best

Darrel Wilson
Tech Influencer

Took me an hour to say WOW. Everything about lite site web builder is amazing: it is very simple to use, fast, comes with beautifully designed templates and if you want to make your own website, I highly recommend it.

David Vongries
SaaS Founder

There are a number of builders on the market and the space is very competitive. The lite site web builder has done a great job with providing an easy-to-use product that flows seamlessly through the web design process.

Bjorn Allpass
Tech Educator

The LiteSite's web builder is great tool that takes the best features from other page builders and wraps them into an easy-to-use interface that my grandmother could understand. lite site is definitely a tool you need in your toolbox.

Ryan Gray
Founder of NameHero

The LiteSite uses one of the most intuitive website builder in the industry. It empowers website owners of all skills levels to create a professional, fast-loading website quickly and easily.

Matt Russell
Head of Cloud Hosting, Namecheap

LiteSite's web builder offers the best website building experience and the most innovative technology on the market. I highly recommend them.

Owais Khan
Head of Partnerships, Cloudways

We are proud to offer the same web builder the LiteSite uses as a website building solution to all our customers. Nothing comes close to the web builder in ease of use. 

Sal M.

Beautiful designs without being too heavy on the page load time. Very intuitive builder interface. The custom templates work like a charm to showcase your custom products - I find this to be the most user friendly feature on LiteSite web builder.  

Also the membership add on is a great plus - so you don't have to go for yet another software to get the essential features to create a paywall based membership site. Highly recommended.

Ashiq M.

It's absolutely fantastic! 🌟 The user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it super easy to create stunning websites. The drag-and-drop functionality is a game-changer! 

Plus, the wide range of templates and customization options really allow you to bring your vision to life. The LiteSite has definitely become my go-to tool for web design. Highly recommend giving it a try! 🙌

Cathryn N.

Great value, easy to use and effective website development tool.

I just want to take the time to say that I really appreciate and value LiteSite's web builder – I’m not a developer/designer, just a middle aged lady with a side hustle, and I love playing with LiteSite's web builder. 

I haven't needed to engage an outside agency to help me, and it's been fun to develop websites for my business and for the design thinking consulting projects we work on.

Claudia C.

Graphic Designer

LiteSite's web builder is godsend for everyone struggling with site builders that monopolise the industry with catch phrases like ‘Best Drag & Drop builder'... 

I have tried all the so-called 'top' options and the only one that truly lives up to its name is lite site. It opens up the floodgates to more productivity and less insanity.

Toni G.

I've been using page builders for my companies and clients for years and I haven't seen anything like it so far... LiteSite's web builder is AWESOME!!!!

I highly recommend it if you want an agile, fast, efficient builder with multiple professional templates in different market niches and much more.

Thank you very much - you are doing an AMAZING job, keep it up don't stop!!!

Steven O.

I can’t begin to tell you how beneficial LiteSite's web builder has been to our workflow as a design agency. It's not only easy to use, but is also very accurate in terms of the visual preview within the builder. It’s so flexible and accurate that we at StripePage use it to build out all of our Adobe XD designs with very few compromises. It also has most of the bells and whistles you find with other big-name builders. I feel good about using it because our clients could access it and use it fairly easily with virtually no web design knowledge. Basically, LiteSite's builder makes us look good as an agency and the support has been amazing every single time we request it.

Miroslav S.

A timeless web development tool.

I used wordpress for 15 years. LiteSite's web builder fulfills my idea of a CMS web builder. It eliminates the need for web hosting, security plugins, backups, updates, compatibility concerns and extensive knowledge. I like their graphics. I like their UI/UX. Making a website is intuitive, simple and playful. I can focus on creating and not have to deal with background.

Artur Ś.

Probably the best membership site builder. I wait for news because they surprise me all the time. 

Even if they created a system of pages connected in funnels like clickfunnels, i.e. going to the next step after clicking, they would sweep the competition away :)

Alexis A.

Great modern builder with a free version that packs a punch, but of course the PRO is a whole 'nother level. 

The pre-made designs are very beautiful and diverse, while the entire experience of creating websites is a breeze!


As a web development company - it's not that we need a no-coding, easy to use builder, but that our clients want the freedom to be able to make changes to their website after completion without needing to make requests for simple tasks.

Along the way, the lite site has streamlined development time and is a real pleasure to work with.

We produce great ecommerce websites using the builder and anything that cannot be done with LiteSite's web builder can always be solved with code / plugins.

Their support team are relatively quick and very helpful.

Frangiskos F.

The LiteSite has the best cloud offering solution in terms of price/value.

The website builder is very intuitive and includes some very powerful features under the hood.

You can create a beautiful website in minutes using the builder and the beautiful templates that are included.

And the best part, the websites created are optimised for performance and security by default!

There are still things that are missing or need more work, but the team is great and they are doing a great job introducing new features every few months

Hey Jinni

The Most helpful thing about LiteSite's web builder is that it is zero code unlike you know it. It is the best visual drag-and-drop builder out there. I have used many zero code builders before, like Oxygen, Elementor, Wix, etc., the lite site easily outperforms all in terms of builder visual appeal, drag-and-drop features, basic and premium features, and, most importantly, pricing. 

The days of giants like WiX and Elementor are numbered. For a small price, you get access to all their 700+ templates, free hosting, and so many other features that WiX and Elementor can only dream of offering! 

LiteSite has changed the zero-code site-building game! I would recommend it to anyone considering starting their own blog or site.

Sporlab Company

Excellent tool for creating not-too-complex websites quickly and efficiently. We utilise their cloud services. Just log-in and start creating. You don't need any coding skills. It also connects to a lot of other services, like Mailchimp, Google Docs etc. which is very useful.

Simon A.

Great for Designers with no code skills.

I am designer and I tried couple of editors. Standalone or Wordpress based. I just fell in love with the lite site. The learning curve is not steep, all is intuitive. There is plenty of beautiful templates. It's easy to create with LiteSite's web builder BUT also there's a lot of options to customize your design.

Navone J.

I use the free version and the ease and comfort is a plus compared to others on the market, the tools are “at the front” so it is more practical to design and customize our website. It is light and does not hang, its stability allows us to do the job much faster. 


The LiteSite uses an easy and beginner friendly drag-and-drop interface builder, but it provides you with the right options to continue working if your website gets bigger.

Kumar D.

An excellent website builder for a non-techie person like me. Its drag and drop features and collaboration tools works like a magic. Highly recommended to everyone.


The best cloud page builder. I simply love what the LiteSite brings on the table. I love how intuitive this tool is. Now, anyone can build an awesome site. Exactly what I was looking for!

Catalin C.

It's one of the easiest and user friendly website builders on the market. Even for people with basic experience in design or development. The tools and options offered gives the possibility to create nice things and even some spectacular ones!

Good work guys!!!

Mohammadd F.

LiteSite's web builder has taken all my anxiety away when it comes to the tech side of things. I work on client landing pages, and everything has been smooth sailing from the beginning. So many amazing features that make my job so much easier. Thank you!


I'm a photographer and don't really have any coding experience. Looked around a little bit and found lite site. really like their interface and all the templates that they have. Ten times cheaper than Squarespace/ Wix etc. as well. Super happy so far!


Very powerful builder. You can build a membership site without going through the same hassle with others. The designs are very nice. Must buy.


After building up my first pages, it seemed intuitive, had the features I needed and I was able to accomplish what I set out to do in a quick manner. What else do you need?

Igor E.

Simple and intuitive platform.

The support team is amazing! Intuitive and simple to use platform! a revolutionary tool with a lot of potential.


Big recommendation!

As a more or less complete amateur regarding building websites and web shops from scratch, I can highly recommend using LiteSite's web builder.

The setup is really easy to use and just keep getting better. LiteSite is clearly run be passionate people who want to create something excellent.

Customer service is amazing, quick responding and always super helpful.

David H.

The LiteSite has the best website builder for beginners and advanced.

I've been in the business of creating websites for over a decade. I started well before page builders for WordPress. Once Beaver Builder came on the market, it was a no-brainer. It cut the website production time by half. Then I found out about LiteSite's builder and everything changed.

LiteSite's builder brings everything that WordPress and other website builders like Squarespace don't offer.

WordPress requires a working knowledge of plugins and themes. It requires maintenance and updates. This can be a problem if you are not a tech person. Squarespace is a rented website. You don't own the files. Hosting your own files on your server for security reasons or piece-of-mind is not an option.

LiteSite brings the best of both of these Website options. The ability to host your own website and maintain control of it AND the ability to use a simple and straightforward page builder that is fully managed by a team behind the scene.

Building websites with LiteSite's builder has cut the production time of websites even further.

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